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Workshop Facilitation

At Strategic People Management, we offer both traditional training and development sessions but specialise in, and are respected for our facilitation of business planning workshops.

Business facilitation focuses on the careful design of a central process with supporting activities that enable our clients to fully explore an issue or opportunity and define the ‘go-forward’ plan. Our role as facilitator, is neutral. Business workshops facilitated by Strategic People Management range from simple issue exploration, business improvement workshops, team development workshops to the more complex facilitation of strategic planning including scenario planning.

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Leadership Development

At Strategic People Management our passion is delivering strong leadership outcomes rather than a simple leadership programme. As industry leaders in training for leadership management, we help organisations define their leadership capabilities and design supporting programmes, with a strong focus on middle to senior management.

We design supplementary activities that help imbed strong leadership capabilities, including system-wide supporting policies, as well as leadership coaching. Our system-wide approach to management development means we provide solutions that give your business a competitive advantage, instead of just the traditional ‘attend a training session’ approach. Strategic People Management provides guidance, on-going support and development across a range of leadership management programmes, to building a strong leadership framework. We also design, develop and licence training modules with full facilitator kits for in-house delivery.       

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Coaching & Mentoring

As a company, we have been bringing their our distinctive brand of coaching and mentoring to middle and senior leadership roles across small, medium and large businesses throughout New Zealand for over 14 years. We have helped many leaders and Executive teams in growing their potential and performing to a higher level. Our unique approach to helping individuals, teams and businesses excel, is founded on mutual respect and a genuine belief we are all a ‘work in progress’.We believe in being open and honest in a way that shows consideration for you, your team, and your business. We also believe and providing professional ‘stretch’ and challenge to existing thinking and paradigms.

The team at Strategic People Management believes in doing things differently, our coaching and mentoring programmes are goal-focused and based on developing a coaching roadmap. Our goal is to guide individuals, and teams as to how to help themselves to a point where we are no longer needed as coaches and mentors. This approach has earned Strategic People Management a great deal of respect in the industry, and they take pride in seeing seen many professionals grow and develop in their prospective careers.

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